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Civil Unions – Getting a Marriage License

Notice of marriage

You must give at least three clear day's notice of intended marriage to a Registrar by going to the Registrar's office to complete the specific statutory declaration that can only be taken by a Registrar of Marriages.

A marriage licence is valid for three months after it has been applied for.

If you are under 20 years of age you will need the written consent of parents, or guardians. If you have been married before you will need to provide documentary proof that your marriage has been dissolved.

The licence must be given to the celebrant in enough time before the wedding. A good time to give it to the celebrant is at the pre-wedding rehearsal.

A marriage can only be conducted at the place described on the marriage licence. If you want to have an outdoor wedding you must nominate both the outdoor site and an alternative indoor setting in case the weather is too poor to hold it outside.

Your designated name must be used in the ceremony and each person must say to each other "I AG take you CD to be my legal wife (or husband) or words to similar effect. Abbreviated names or nicknames cannot be used.

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