I work with people across the Wellington region from many backgrounds and situations to enable a fitting ending for a loved one.

Never easy, managing the sometimes emotional rollercoaster that accompanies a loss of life, can challenge many families as they prepare for a farewell ceremony. There is much to think about and for lots of people, help to construct a meaningful rite of passage may smooth some of the heart ache that is part of significant loss.



There are times when a loved one dies away from home and those close want to acknowledge the death with a memorial at a chosen later date. A memorial can offer a meaningful farewell for those who were not able to be present at the time of death and subsequent funeral. Memorials are a way of acknowledging your grief and of paying your respects to one you have loved in a place that is meaningful for you.

Preplanned funerals

Increasingly people are choosing to have a say in their funeral before they die. Those with a terminal illness, those whose age shows they may not have much longer to live and those who simply want to plan their farewell in advance are  deciding how their funeral could look and feel.  Planning for your funeral in advance may be part of the process of dying well. Sharing this process with a professional celebrant can offer ease and influence over an inevitable eventuality.
If you think my skills will fit with your situation, please contact me through the steps below.

Next steps

  • Contact me to check availability and see if I can meet your needs. If so,
  • Meet together with as many of your family and others close to your loved one as you think best, to develop a meaningful ceremony. After firstly acknowledging your loss, we will talk about your loved one and what you as a family want to say and do – who needs to be involved, who wants to be involved, when and where you will hold the ceremony; giving tributes, sharing images, videos, mementos, special music and anything else that will help reflect on the life of your loved one.
  • Draft the ceremony and send to you for accuracy, changes and/or additions.
  • Ensure you see the final draft before the funeral date.

I acknowledge, respect and understand the emotional impact we experience when a loved one dies and respect the privacy and confidentiality of all people involved.

I will ensure documentation is accurate and will conduct the ceremony in a professional and ethical way. I will arrive at the ceremony at least 30 minutes before to ensure everything is ready and in place.

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