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Welcome to the website of Carol Galloway.

Please feel at ease browsing through the information gathered on this site. It is not a static site, so things may change, be added or deleted from time to time. Any comments or suggestions are welcome from you as you browse.

Carol is interested in making life events meaningful for people who feel that traditional religious ceremonies do not meet their needs; for those who want to acknowledge special occasions but do not know how to do so; for those who believe that what they want does not quite fit into anything they have yet seen, but have an idea of what they want; for those people who are looking for something a little different; for those who want something really personalised.

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The Sun
Look: the sun has spread its wings
Over the earth to dispel the darkness.

Like a great tree, with its roots in heaven,
And its branches reaching down to earth.

Judah Al-Harizi

Celebrants Association of New Zealand. For further information contact the Celebrants Association of New Zealand website