I use a variety of tools based on best coaching practice, the interaction and rapport that we develop between us, and your identified goals.   At an initial session clarifying your goals will usually determine the number of sessions you will need.

Time, availability and fees may also  impact on how many sessions to have. Some people may need only two sessions, while others may need at least six.  I like to measure progress at each session, giving you an opportunity to evaluate the session, its content and pace.

For some coachees, sessions may be approved by your workplace. Here, your manager may want to have some input into what you achieve.  It is useful to discuss such a situation at an initial coffee meeting and how best this may be managed.  For others, I find there is often a combination of career, life and work goals. Coaching may be part of a transition – from workplace to another workplace, from home to returning to work, for beginning a different career path, or simply finding a way to reach a more successful work/life balance.

My experience indicates two core elements that most often are critical to success – the ‘fit’ between the coach and coachee; and the ability for the coachee to work co-operatively.

If you think I may be a ‘fit’ for you, please contact me so we can set up a time to talk.

Next steps

  • Contact me to arrange a face-to-face or Skype chat to decide if we can work successfully together.
  • Agree on terms and conditions including how many sessions will work for you; timeframes and fees.
  • Begin contract at mutually agreed times and place.